How A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Rochester, New York Can Help With A Claim

Anyone injured or who has fallen seriously ill may feel like they will lose everything they have worked for all their lives, while waiting for their disability benefits. Others people delay filing their paperwork because they’re struggling to fill out what they feel is a mountain of confusing and detailed paperwork. But a Social Security Disability Lawyer Rochester NY can help put together a claim quickly and effectively to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

It’s estimated that 65% of initial claims are denied. Having a Social Security lawyer in Rochester, New York may be a factor in getting the claim approved the first time. One of the first things an attorney will do is organize all the facts needed to show proof the claim is valid. A record of every email, phone conversation or doctor’s visit must be documented. The attorney will know the most effective way to present the case to show only the evidence that’s needed.

An experienced social security disability lawyer in Rochester, New York will also have enough basic understanding of medical terminology to be able to talk to any doctors involved to make sure the claim meets the strict standards of the SSA. The attorney will also know how to avoid giving agency officials a reason to automatically deny benefits. Some of the more common ones are when there is insufficient medical proof on the form, or the person fails to follow doctor’s orders for treatment or does not cooperate with the SSA.

Even people who have filed for benefits but had them denied may want to hire an attorney. A Social Security lawyer in Rochester, New York will take a fresh look at all the evidence and possibly recommend filing a second time. The attorney may be able to present more evidence to prove the claim is valid or correct any serious omissions in the paperwork.

One benefit to shopping around for an attorney is that many do not charge anything for the consultation. After interviewing several prospective attorneys, many people may be able to find the right social security disability lawyer in Rochester, New York to handle their case. If benefits are awarded, it will include compensation starting the day the disability first happened. Many attorneys do not charge any fees up front, and instead follow the standard practice of only receiving up to $6,000 or 25% of the client’s disability back pay.

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