How to Present a Personal Injury Case After an Accident in Naperville, IL

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Personal Injury Attorneys

When visiting a property, all guests are owed a duty by the property owner. In other words, the property must be free of hazards that could cause injuries, and visitors remain safe inside or outside the property. If you sustain injuries while on someone else’s property, a premises liability attorney in Naperville could clarify what to do in a personal injury case.

Knowledge of the Hazard

The first distinction you must make in a premises liability case is if the property owner knew about the hazard that caused your injuries. For example, stores must place warning signs around areas where the flooring is wet or hazardous. The failure could lead to customer injury and liabilities for the store owner.

However, suppose their property becomes damaged during a storm. In that case, the owner may only know about the damage until it is safe for them to assess the property. Again, a premises liability attorney in Naperville can help you make these distinctions.

Evidence of Your Injury

You need proof of your injuries and the incident that caused them. For instance, if you fell inside a store, more than likely, there is surveillance footage of the accident, and witnesses saw what happened.

In addition to witnesses and video footage, medical records explain your injuries and how they affect you now and in the future. For example, while broken bones heal, there isn’t a guarantee that the injury won’t affect how you walk or use your limbs. Severe injuries present long-term effects.

Premises liabilities emerge after a visitor becomes injured due to negligence or failures by the property owner. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that all areas of the property are safe for visitors. Contact Shea Law Group for help with your injury case or visit for additional guidance.

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