How Auto Accident Attorneys in Centerville, OH Can Help an Accident Victim

A person is safely driving down the road, when they’re suddenly hit by someone who is texting and driving, driving under the influence or breaking other driving laws. Although they did nothing wrong, they are now facing medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages and more, because of the other driver. Civil law states that the person who caused the accident must make the victim financially whole again, but it isn’t always easy for them to get the compensation they’re entitled to. This is where auto accident attorneys in Centerville OH can help.

Depending on the situation, there are a few things an attorney may have to do. If the at-fault driver or their insurance company refuses to settle because they claim the victim was actually at fault, the attorney may need to gather evidence that shows their client was following the law and driving safely when they were hit by the at-fault driver. This can come from a variety of sources including pictures from the accident scene, witness statements, police reports, and possibly security cameras on surrounding buildings if available.

Even if the insurance company accepts liability, they may try to limit the amount the person can collect. The attorney can gather the paperwork showing the amount the victim has to pay to cover medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident. This will also include the attorney’s fees, and the full amount will be what the victim is entitled to for compensation. The attorney may be able to negotiate an adequate settlement with the insurance company using this information, or they may need to take the case to court for a favorable resolution.

Anyone who has been in a car accident can speak with one of the auto accident attorneys in Centerville, OH for advice. If the insurance company refuses to settle or offers an extremely low settlement, the attorney will be able to help the person negotiate one that’s going to cover all of the expenses from the accident.

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