When Dog Bites in Brooklyn NY Mean, You Need a Lawyer

Most Dog Bites in Brooklyn NY don’t result in legal action because the dog doing the damage is often a member of the family. However, there are times when a dog may bite someone who isn’t a member of the family. Maybe the dog bites a person who is there to make a delivery, or perhaps they lunge at the mailman and take a bite out of them. There may be situations where guests in the home are suddenly attached by the family pet for no particular reason. In all of these situations, the person who is injured by the dog deserves to get proper treatment for their dog bite damage.

The responsibility for the Dog Bites in Brooklyn NY area lies with the owner of the pet. In the vast majority of cases, the homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy of the pet owner will cover these types of damages. The amount of money that people damaged by Dog Bites can expect to receive in a case like this can vary quite widely. The main thing that is covered in cases of Dog Bites is the medical bills. The medical bills are not confined to hospital costs. They also can include any doctor visits, any medications required for treatment, and any physical therapy visits that may be needed to fully recover from the dog bite.

If an injured person has to miss time at work due to the dog bite, they can also receive compensation for that lost income. In many cases, there are also other monetary rewards called “pain and suffering.” There are many things that can be included in pain and suffering compensation in a dog bite case. The most obvious of these is a monetary amount meant to compensate the injured person for the physical pain that they suffered because of the dog bite. Pain and suffering compensation could also potentially include payment for things like emotional distress. Nearly any types of damages that don’t fall into the category of medical damage or missed work can usually be included in the pain and suffering category. A skilled accident lawyer is the best person to help you get the maximum compensation in the case of a dog bite.