How Can A Child Custody Attorney In Frederick Help?

Some parents feel that they can represent themselves in child custody cases. The truth is a parent should always contact a Child Custody Attorney in Frederick to help negotiate a parenting agreement. There are several steps a parent will have to complete to obtain a court order for child custody.

A family law attorney understands what the court is interested in knowing and will paint a client in the best light possible to the court. Child custody cases are close to the parent’s heart, and an attorney will help them make decisions that will limit the impact on the client and the children. The attorney will file the necessary legal paperwork with the court to obtain a parenting agreement.

Steps Of Child Custody

The first step after a legal proceeding has been filed is a conference in front of a magistrate or judge to identify the issues surrounding the case. The judge or magistrate will refer the parents to mediation, pre-trial settlement conference, and any co-parenting classes they feel are necessary for the parents. A pre-trial settlement conference will provide the attorneys a chance to discuss the case with the judge or magistrate.

During a pre-trial conference, the judge will discuss how they view the sticking points the parents are facing. If the parties cannot resolve their differences, the case will be scheduled for trial. The trial will be the final hearing, and a parenting agreement will be established by the court. This can be a very frightening and confusing time that a Child Custody Attorney in Frederick will be able to help with.

What Criteria Does The Court Analyze?

The court will determine the best interest of a child when creating a parenting agreement. Years ago, the court used to award the children to the mother in most cases. Today’s family court system prefers to give both parent’s frequent and continuing contact. Even if a parent is given joint custody, it does not always mean each parent will receive equal time with his or her child.

Family law cases can be very emotional and confusing without the help of an experienced family law attorney. Click Here for more information about child custody.