How can a personal injury attorney help you?

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Attorney, Law, Personal Injury

There are times when it is prudent to hire a skilled personal injury attorney in Tampa FL. The law is complex and rarely would a layperson be able to adequately represent their own best interests, especially in a situation where the injuries were severe and the compensation could be well above the norm or the insurance company refuses to settle. There are numerous types of personal injuries that will almost always require the support and help of an attorney.

Injuries that causes long term or permanent disability:

There are many incidents that result in long term or even permanent disability. Trying to figure out what compensation is correct can be extremely difficult. Attorneys in Tampa FL have a great deal of experience in these matters and can ensure you get the best possible award based on your claim.

The Law Offices of Peter N. Macaluso know from experience that the amount of the claim is in almost all cases set by the severity of the injuries. The severity of one’s injuries is usually based on the total amount of medical care, the type and severity of the injury and recovery time. It is a fact that as the potential award goes up the range in which the award lies becomes greater. Auto accident attorneys in Florida can fight to see that your compensation falls at the high end of the range.

Insurance company refuses to pay:

It must be understood that insurance companies are in business to make money; lots of it. They cannot meet their mandate if they give fair settlements. There are many times when an insurance company simply will not pay, they won’t listen to any arguments or reason. In cases like this a personal injury attorney in Tampa FL is an absolute must.

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