The Easiest Way to Deal with Social Security in the Bronx

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Law

Dealing with Social Security in the Bronx can be a nightmare. Trying to get your SSD application through on your own can be a challenge. The system is not set-up to be easy to navigate, as a matter of fact, if you ask some people they may say that the system is set-up for failure. Many people make some of the same common mistakes:

1. They go it alone
2. They believe that the SSA is there to help them
3. They believe that they are disabled so their application will not have problems

Going it Alone

The biggest error you can make with the SSA is to try to manage the application process on your own. A lot of people think that because they are honest and they really need the assistance that they will be able to just tell their story and get what they need. The process is not as easy as just telling your medical story and getting the approval that you need. It is a complex process that is difficult to manage by yourself. Get help!

The SSA is Not Your Advocate

A lot of applicants mistakenly believe that the SSA is there to advocate for them, the reality is that the SSA is not your advocate, they are there to find something wrong with your application to justify a denial. They do not have a personal interest in your wellness or fair treatment.

Disability has Different Ratings

Unfortunately, no matter how unable you are to work, it may not be disabled enough according to the laws and system that the Social Security Administration uses.

Avoid the Issues

You can avoid the most common issues by hiring an advocate that understands the system. The easiest way to navigate the system is to get some help! Daniel Berger is an attorney that can help! Keep Reading more information at Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger.

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