How Disability Lawyers Can Help in Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Attorneys

Many people who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits without proper assistance are often turned down. The Social Security Administration considers numerous factors before approving a beneficiary. In the process, many deserving people are left out of this program for one reason or another. Statistics from the SSA show that about 40 percent of applicants to this program end up losing out on the program even after the filing of an appeal.

The role of Disability Lawyers in Missouri is to take their clients through the complex procedure of application, thereby increasing the chances of being considered. The Lawyers hired must possess a high level of professionalism and experience. Multilingual Attorneys are available to serve those whose first language is not English. This fund caters for the livelihood of the disabled and the loved ones. Once a claimant has asked to be assisted, Disability Lawyers start working on the case right away. The first step involves the evaluation of the case. This is crucial in determining the weak and strong points of the case. The following roles are also played by the attorneys on behalf of the claimant.

  • Gathering of evidence provided by doctors and other medical practitioners,
  • Analysis of the claimant’s social security profile,
  • Case assessment and preparation,
  • Preparation of the claimant’s testimony, and
  • Representing the client during proceedings in court.

The lawyer also makes sure that the medical practitioner brought in by the SSA does not ruin the chances of the benefits being granted. In cases of denied benefits, a claimant is likely to win an appeal case with the aid of a qualified attorney. A common mistake many applicants make is failing to seek the services of Disability Lawyers in Missouri even they have lost in the first round.

Grundy Disability Group LLC is a law firm that has a distinguished record of winning disability benefit cases for both locals and outsiders. Whether it is a new case or appeal, this is just the team that is equal to the task. They only accept payment after the case has been won and the benefits paid to the claimant.

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