How Mobile Bail Bonds in Hollywood Florida Work for People Arrested and Charged With a Crime

A surety bond might be considered somewhat like a co-signer on a loan. The surety bond promises to make payment and accept responsibility if the person who needs that bond does not meet the obligations per the contract. This is the way Mobile Bail Bonds in Hollywood Florida work.

Bonds Service and Cash Bail

The customer pays a service such as 24 Hour ASAP Bail Bonds to post a surety bond instead of paying cash bail to the court. That is a much more affordable option for a quick solution. However, the bond fee is nonrefundable whereas cash bail is returned to defendants who make all their required court appointments. But a large percentage of people charged with a criminal offense do not have money or collateral for bail.

Mobile Service

Mobile Bail Bonds in Hollywood Florida are convenient for people who have no way to get to the company’s local address. Often a family member or friend of the person who has been arrested takes on the task of applying for a bail bond. If this individual doesn’t drive or doesn’t have a reliable vehicle, it can be a hardship to get there.

Bail and the Court System

Some people feel that incarcerating someone before that person has been convicted of a crime is a violation of civil liberties. Nevertheless, this is how the United States court system has always operated. Bail payments are required of many defendants as extra motivation for them to appear at their court hearings and trial instead of running away. More information on one particular bonds service can be viewed at


If someone takes out a bail bond for a friend or relative and that person flees, the bonds company is now responsible for paying the full cash bail amount. That responsibility technically should be on the customer, but the customer may not have the resources to pay a large dollar sum. The bonding company typically sends out a bounty hunter to track the defendant down and bring this person back. Eventually, the company may need to rely on its own business insurance to pay the bail.

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