How Nurse Lawyers Help Caregivers Solve Legal Problems in the Chicago

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Attorneys

A nurse attorney is actually a nurse who has a law degree. If you’re a caregiver in Chicago, here are four ways this particular lawyer could help you.

Build Strong Defense Against Malpractice

In the healthcare industry, malpractice accusations are very common. If someone tries to sue you for malpractice, you should consult a nurse attorney who is also a personal injury attorney in the following situations.

The State Board of Nursing Has a Problem

A nurse attorney can help you if someone from the State Board of Nursing registered a complaint or if another nurse got a notice of investigation from nursing board. With a lawyer on your side, you’ll protect your rights, and you’ll get fair treatment throughout the legal process.

Someone Filed a Lawsuit

If someone files a lawsuit against you with a named party, you’ll benefit from hiring a nurse lawyer. In this situation, the attorney will protect your financial future as a nurse.

Improve a Difficult Work Environment

All nurses are expected to work long hours in grueling conditions, and in many instances, they’ll have to work overtime. However, in terms of necessary overtime, a nurse always has the right to refuse it. If you’re ever threaten to work overtime, a good nurse attorney can fight for you.

There are many other occasions when a caregiver would benefit from hiring a nurse attorney. For example, a nursing license lawyer in Chicago can explain all aspects of a state’s primary licensing requirements. If you need a nursing license lawyer in Chicago, contact Zimmerman Law Offices.

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