How to Win NJ Property Tax Appeals

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Law

The constitution allows you as a property owner to file property tax appeals if you do not feel satisfied with the assessment. You might get discouraged that tax appeals do not work but this is not the case. You only need to make the correct decisions in order to increase your chances of winning. Some of the things you could do include:

  • Examine the assessment letter properly. The tax assessment notification usually comes in the mail in the form of a green card that usually lists the details of your home. Further information can be obtained from the office of the assessor. This information will be important in helping you know how the district assessed your home. It is the evidence the appraiser will use when dealing with the NJ property tax appeals. Here you should look for all errors that might work in your favor when seeking to get the assessment lowered.
  • Research on the methods of appraisal used. There are many homes in the municipality meaning that there are several people who are assigned the work of appraising homes. It is difficult for all these people to be properly trained in proper appraisal procedures.  Even in jurisdictions where technology is used in the appraisal, the systems can still be imperfect. You should look for the weaknesses in the methods used in order to support your property tax appeals.
  •  One of the commonest methods of appraisal is comparable sales. However, it might be difficult for you to get this information if you do not have the necessary contacts with the real estate agents. The other option that is left for you is to compare the assessments of the houses in your neighborhood. In most residential areas, the houses are usually uniform with the same designs and fixtures. This means that the assessments should fairly be the same. If there is a significant variance then it can form a basis for your property tax appeals.
  •  Another thing you should watch out for is if there are any exemptions that you qualify for. The districts are allowed to give exemptions to various property owners at their discretion. If you are eligible for these exemptions you should apply for them and if they have not been considered then you need to bring them up in the property tax appeals.
  •  You should make written submissions on what reductions you feel you are entitled to. This should be a detailed letter which contains all the information you have gathered to support your case. This should include photos, comparable sales as well as appraisals for neighboring homes. You need to prepare the presentation so that you can effectively convince the NJ property tax appeals review board.


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