Identifying Comparative Fault Through A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Spokane Valley, WA

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Attorney

Washington victims who sustained injuries during a motorcycle accident have three years to file a formal claim. Since motorcycle riders are more exposed than drivers in automobiles. For this reason, they are more likely to sustain more serious injuries during a collision. The state of Washington has initiated laws to protect these victims and ensure that they receive damages for their medical and property repair costs.

Laws that Apply to Motorcycle Riders

All motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets. This includes riders who travel through off-road courses. The laws enforce this requirement to reduce probable injuries that are produced when riders don’t wear proper protection. Riders who need to learn more about their rights in terms of protective gear and moving violations should contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Spokane Valley, WA today.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

In terms of safety, motorcycle riders are required to equip their bike with side mirrors and turn signals. In addition, the motorcycle handlebars cannot exceed thirty inches beyond the seat. These requirements are necessary to keep these riders safe on the road. Any failure to comply with these requirements could deem the victim partially at fault.

Assessing Comparative Fault

Lane splitting is illegal in the state of Washington. The reason for this ruling is that it prevents automobile operators from seeing the motorcycle rider clearly. It could also lead to a serious accident. This moving violation could lead to the issuance of a citation after the accident. If a citation is issued, it is discussed during the injury case. The court reviews the risk of this violation and how it played a role in the accident. It will cause the judge to apply a percentage of fault to the victim. This will reduce the total value of their projected settlement.

Motorcycle laws were created to keep riders safe on the road. These requirements cover the type of equipment they wear while riding and how they travel. At any time that an accident occurs law enforcement must determine if the rider was compliant with these laws. To learn more about comparative fault and these proceedings contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Spokane Valley, WA at Cooney Law Offices today.

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