Results of Metro Accidents in Greenbelt

Railway and Metro Accidents in Greenbelt can have results that severely impact any victim’s future. Medical bills can pile up, loss of wages prevent those injured from keeping up with day-to-day bills, and retraining may be necessary. The insurance company may make an offer of compensation, but it may not cover all the costs associated with an accident. The best thing to do is to call a lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer, such as those at Jaklitsch Law Group, will speak to witnesses, review police and medical reports, and take pictures of the scene and of any damage.

Building a case requires fast action to present a clear picture of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Weather conditions, noise levels, staffing levels, and any distractions need to be noted as soon as possible. A lawyer will provide a free consultation at the hospital, the office, or the home of the victim, whichever is most convenient. The goal is to build the case, represent the victim, and fight for proper compensation. The research team will look into staff training to be sure it was adequate; safety procedures to make sure they were followed, and the mechanisms of the metro to make sure nothing was defective or neglected. In general, accidents of this nature are on the rise throughout the Country, and can be caused by any number of factors. Equipment may be defective or poorly maintained. Signals may have failed, the track could be in disrepair, and human error may be the cause of Metro Accidents in Greenbelt. Collisions and derailments are responsible for the injury of hundreds of people.

Metro Accidents in Greenbelt can also drastically affect employees. Engines and railcars weigh over 50 tons, so many accidents result in the loss of a limb, decreased mental capacity, or wrongful death. Worker’s Compensation is not the only option for compensation. Employees can sue the company, the train manufacturer, security companies, and maintenance companies, depending on the situation. Heavy machinery, toxic or flammable cargo, and lack of safety measures are common causes of injuries to workers. In order to file a suit, documents and paperwork have to completed and submitted on time. Go to the website so no deadlines are missed.