Summaries For Social Security Disability Attorneys

Applications, claims and appeals for Social Security Disability can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. From gathering the proper information, to preparing yourself mentally, to following strict time guidelines, this process takes a lot out of both the client and the attorney involved. With all of these important tasks to attend to, having a talented and knowledgeable professional to help write summaries and other documents needed for the case can free up valuable time for the attorney and their client.

At LM Summary Services, we have been assisting clients and attorneys with brief writing and other important legal tasks for many years. We provide writing services for attorneys and non attorney representatives. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate team has the experience needed to provide you with error proof documents that will make your representation of Social Security Disability claimants much, much easier.

We offer services writing many documents, including but not limited to, pre-hearing memos, record summaries, and other important documentation. Each one of these documents requires a thorough knowledge of a client’s file, so our staff always puts in the proper time to become intimately familiar with this information before starting an assignment.

Four qualities make LM Summary Services work valuable: its time saving, cost effective, quality, and scalable. At just $120 for 700 pages of summary writing, LM Summary Services is affordable on nearly any budget. With lower rates than our competition and better quality content, or services can save you tons of time that you can instead extend to your client. Our scalable output model allows you to adjust the amount of summaries written to fit your unique case needs. Whether you need 5 or 50 summaries written a month, LM Summary Services can provide services that work for you.

Have more questions about our services or approaches? If so, feel free to contact us by visiting our website. We will happily assist you via phone or email with any questions and concerns. Never leave this important documentation drafting in the hands of lesser professionals, and get in touch now. We look forward to starting a business relationship with you soon!