Illinois Disability Lawyers Provide Evidence Supporting the Client’s Claim

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Lawyers

Disability lawyers in Illinois represent clients at hearings, providing evidence that the person can no longer work full-time. Either this individual is incapable of doing so or cannot do so without risk of further injury or illness. These lawyers must convince a judge when attorneys for the opposing side are arguing just the opposite.

Vocational Experts

Disability lawyers in Illinois may have a vocational expert at the hearing to verify that this individual cannot work enough hours to earn a living. For example, Social Security Administration representatives may believe that this man or woman can work a sedentary job. The agency will likely have its own vocational expert available to testify.


The previous job may have required a great deal of standing, walking, lifting, kneeling or other physical activity. The applicant’s vocational expert can testify as to why sitting for 40 hours a week is not good for this person’s health or physical well-being. The disability lawyer provides effective cross-examination for the agency’s expert to debunk suggestions that working full-time is still a reasonable option.


Typically, the applicant only must prove that doing full-time work he or she has performed in the past is no longer possible. The administration generally does not consider requiring retraining for new skills. The agents look at the possibility of transferring skills from one occupation to another. The applicant and the lawyer must be prepared to explain why this is not feasible. Anyone who needs this type of legal representation may contact Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

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