Legal Issues that Should Be Addressed with a Divorce Attorney

The end of a marriage is never pretty. Often, there are legal issues to resolve along with the emotional ones. Because there are so many emotions and details involved in the breakup of a legal union, a lawyer is necessary to help sort through all of the legal items that have to be taken care of. Here are some of the legal items that have to be addressed in a divorce. One of the legal issues that has to be addressed with a Divorce Attorney is the property that is owned by the couple. Usually, this includes deciding which party will ultimately occupy the house or have full use of the car. It also includes anything else that is jointly owned such as pets. While the split of such items may ultimately lie with the judge, it is important to ensure that these items are addressed so that an agreement can be worked out on who owns what.

Another legal issue that has to be addressed is who is responsible for the debt load. While both parties may have added to the overall debt load, it is important to establish who is responsible for paying it off. If the debt is held in both names, both parties may have to take some responsibility for it. This debt will impact future credit scores and the financial health of both parties.

One of the hardest legal issues to address with a Divorce Attorney in Cleveland, TN is the custody of children. Sometimes, this discussion takes on a highly emotional nature. It is best for the children if an agreement can be worked out without a lot of emotional drama and baggage thrown into it. But since that is not always possible, it does help to have someone who is emotionally detached from the situation to make the argument for the parent in front of the judge.

These are some of the legal issues that have to be addressed during a divorce. The breakup of a marriage is an extremely emotional time. Thus, you should contact Chancey-Kanavos if you need any help with these legal issues.