In a bind? Use this Bail Bond Agency in Pontiac!

Have you or a loved one ever needed to be quickly released from jail and did not have the funds to cover your bond? A Bail Bond Agency in Pontiac can solve the problem for you! EZ1 Bail Bonds will do anything they can to get your loved one, or yourself, out of jail as soon as possible and hassle free. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because they know things can happen at any time! If you need a bail bond anywhere in Pontiac, give them a call. It doesn’t matter what type of bail you need, they have got your back! They have access on their website at that can get you a head-start on the paperwork needed to get bailed out. This makes a world of difference when a minute seems like an hour while you are in jail. EZ1 Bail Bonds offers affordable payment plans and services all local police stations, court houses, youth detention centers, and all correctional facilities in Pontiac. Most of the bail bonds can be issued with the fee associated with the bond, a co-signer, and sometimes a form of collateral to be used as well. Bail Enforcement Agents and an excellent collections staff are placed throughout Pontiac to handle your bail. The collections staff can help you get the payment arrangement you need in order to pay your bail bond. EZ1 Bail Bonds offers free warrant checks, is part of an attorney referral network, handles immigration bonds, and also gives an immediate response to your needs.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about bail bonding are answered on their webpage as well. For example, who can be a co-signer for your bond? Anyone who is employed and willing to take responsibility to make sure you get to your court dates until the end of your case. Another question that is asked often is how much do I need to pay in order to get bailed out? The state of Pontiac mandates that 10% of the first $5.000 is to be paid plus 7% of anything higher than $5,000 is to be paid. Typically, the collateral needed is your signature; however, there are cases that require more than your signature. If you or your loved one need help, contact this Bail Bond Agency in Pontiac today! Like us on Facebook.