Injured Workers Need To Meet With A Workers Comp Attorney In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Lawyers

It can be a confusing time when you suffer an on-the-job injury. An individual worries how the injury is going to affect their family, and how the bills will be paid. That is why it is important to know all your legal rights, and you need to speak with an attorney. They will guide you through the maze known as workers compensation.

Workers compensation insurance covers employees who are injured at work. Further, the injury does not have to be a sudden accident. The injury can result from stress, repetitive motions, or an existing condition could be aggravated. Meet with a Workers Comp Attorney in Gettysburg, PA, and learn your legal rights. Employees are covered as long as the injury happens “in the scope of employment.” For example, an insurance adjuster involved in a traffic accident on the way to adjust a claim, would be covered. The drive to see a damaged car is in the scope of employment. Employees who injure themselves as the result of an intentional act, are not covered.

Workers compensation benefits include medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses and disability. Medical benefits include hospital and doctor visits to treat the injury. Workers compensation covers prescriptions, and mileage for medical visits. If an employee needs special equipment like a wheelchair or hospital bed, workers compensation must pay. Rehabilitation benefits pay for things like physical therapy, or inpatient care at a rehab facility. In some states, workers compensation pays to retrain employees who can’t return to their previous job. Disability benefits compensate employees for their wages. There are four kinds of disability:

    *     temporary total disability-injury prevents employee from working but only for a period of time

    *     temporary partial disability-injury prevents employee from performing some duties, for a short period of time

    *     permanent total disability-injury prevents employee from ever returning to work

   *    permanent partial disability-injury where the damage is permanent, but only partially impairs the ability to work

Employees receive benefits if they fall into one of the four categories. The amount of the benefit is based on the employee’s average weekly wage, before their injury. Meet with a Workers Comp Attorney In Gettysburg, PA, before trying to return to work. The lawyer will determine if the case is ready for a settlement. Employees need to be aware that anything they do can impact the case. Speak with your attorney regularly, if you want to receive the maximum benefits possible.

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