Plan Ahead for VA Disability, Hire an Attorney

When the need to apply for VA disability approaches, it can help to plan for the process. Some injuries or illnesses come on suddenly, leaving little time to get disability paperwork organized. Many veterans, however, deal with illnesses for many years before they become all-encompassing. A diagnosis that hints at future disability should warrant some attention to the claims process. After looking over the paperwork, the majority of people decide to hire an attorney. This usually results in the best claim experience. It can take some time, however, to get everything organized.


You can start working on your documentation at any time during your illness. It can help the process along to have your medical records ready to submit. A doctor that works with veterans on a regular basis should be aware of what the claims office is looking for. Talk to your doctor about the nature of your ailment and find out what is going into your medical records. Individuals that are knowledgeable about their situation are better able to navigate the application process.

Interview Lawyers

If you have time to plan ahead, interviewing lawyers is a great idea. There is no reason to take the first one you find online. Ask around to see if anyone has one they like or check online reviews. Once you have a few picked out, schedule some consultations. These meetings are an excellent way to observe the personality and experience of a legal professional. Bring information on your case with you. This way you can find out if the lawyer feels comfortable with the case.

Disability claims are an important part of securing financial stability for many veterans. There is no time to waste when these applications are pending. You can plan ahead by preparing your documentation and choosing a lawyer.

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