Reasons to Hire a Competent Estate Law Lawyer

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Personal Injury

If a person is named as an executor in the last will of the deceased or is appointed as the administrator of an estate, hiring a proficient Estate Law Lawyer is quite significant. Probate laws are complex, and any mistakes in handling an estate can result in more expenses and additional time in settling the estate. Typically, there are more than 100 steps that must be followed while handling somebody’s estate. Most of these steps must be taken in a specific order and within a given period. A competent estate law attorney knows each step of the process and has a system in place to keep the case moving in an expeditious manner. The lawyer will file all the necessary pleadings with the courts and make sure that creditors of the estate receive a timely notice to file the claims. Here are the top three reasons to hire a proficient estate law attorney.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary is a professional entity or person that is responsible to another person or party. If an individual or entity has accepted a fiduciary role, they have the legal duty to exercise responsibilities in that position. An experienced estate law attorney can ensure a fiduciary does not abuse their rights and that all duties are performed accordingly. The lawyer is aware of all rules and regulation surrounding estates or wills and can ensure that the rights of all beneficiaries are well protected.

Reduce Estate Tax Liability

An experienced estate law attorney can provide reliable information on the taxes that can affect an estate and tips on how to minimize the liability. They will make sure that all federal and state tax matters are handled correctly to protect their client from incurring personal liability.

Distributing Assets to Beneficiaries

An estate litigation attorney can help their client distribute assets to beneficiaries and obtain the necessary releases. The lawyer can ensure every step of the way is completed professionally, including ensuring that the estate is finalized and closed with the court.

An experienced Estate Law Lawyer has an adequate understanding of estate litigation. They can provide reliable assistance and counsel to deal with any challenges, disputes or issues concerning the estate at hand. For additional information on the services offered by proficient estate law attorneys,

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