Securing A Criminal Defense In Indianapolis, IN

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Attorneys

Criminal Defense Indianapolis IN consists of presenting facts within a court of law that discredit the prosecution’s case. By presenting these facts, your attorney provides you with an avenue in which you can share your story and fight for an acquittal. Your attorney will build a case based on witness testimony and evidence that presents reasonable doubt.

What to Do When You are Arrested

You have the legal right to counsel the moment you are arrested. Although some county authorities will state the contrary, you may initiate your right to counsel at any time. You may additionally refuse any testing or questioning that could compromise your defense case. It is your legal right to refuse to answer these questions or participate in testing until you speak to your legal counsel. Failure to allow you to contact your attorney is a violation of your civil rights.

Your attorney will assist you by contacting a bondsman to post bail after your arraignment. Typically, this arraignment is held within 24-hours of your arrest. If you are charged with a serious crime, the judge may refuse bail based on the severity of the crime and whether he or she believes you are a flight risk. Your attorney will negotiate the bail amount with the judge and prosecutor.

Local Defense Attorney

We provide criminal defense Attorneys in Indianapolis, IN for adults and juveniles within a wealth of cases. These attorneys are familiar with local criminal laws that will affect your case overall. Areas of practice include litigation, family and criminal law, and estate administration. If you require any of these services, you may contact this law firm to schedule a consultation at any time.


Criminal Defense Attorneys in Indianapolis, IN are required for anyone accused of a criminal infraction. This includes misdemeanor charges as well as felonies. The seriousness of the crime will determine the amount of time he or she is required to spend in jail or prison, if convicted. A criminal defense attorney will gather evidence to disprove the statements made by the prosecution. This enables the defense attorney to present reasonable doubt which is vital in criminal proceedings. Visit us online for more information!

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