Slip and Fall Attorneys in Boston MA Can Help Clients Recover

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A slip and fall accident may occur when a person sustains an injury while on another party’s premises. These incidents are common in grocery stores, shopping malls and other retail outlets, and they can occur in other settings as well. Slip and fall accidents are common in cases where floors are frequently slippery, slick or wet.

What is a Slip and Fall Settlement?

Slip and fall settlements occur when the victim attempts to hold the other party responsible for their losses related to the accident. During negotiations, the parties decide how much is owed, and whether corrective measures should be taken. These settlements are commonly conducted along with negligence or premises liability lawsuits, and they happen in many cases because continued litigation by Slip And Fall Attorneys Boston MA would be too risky or costly.

How Much Can a Victim Recover in Settlement?

It’s hard to say how much one may recover in such a settlement because the amount is based on multiple factors that vary with each case. Settlement amounts can depend on the factors listed below.

  • The injury type. Serious injuries typically result in higher payouts, and pre-existing conditions bring lower recoveries.
  • The injury’s effects. The victim may be eligible to recover for losses such as diminished bodily function or lost wages.
  • Extent of fault. If the victim is to blame for his or her injuries, their recovery may be lowered or eliminated.
  • The relationship between parties. A client’s recovery may depend on the nature of the relationship between themselves and the at-fault party.

It’s common for defendants in slip and fall cases to decline to participate in pre-settlement negotiations. This is particularly true if they believe that they are not to blame for the incident.

Should a Victim Hire an Attorney for Slip and Fall Help?

Many believe that they can handle their own slip and fall settlements, but this usually isn’t the case. Victims should work with a personal injury attorney if they plan to negotiate for a settlement, because Slip And Fall Attorneys Boston MA can present arguments in a way that’s efficient and professional. In a slip and fall incident, proving fault is the primary factor. By hiring an attorney, the victim can determine whether a dangerous condition caused their injuries, and one will PAY NO FEES unless you win.

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