Stop Debt Collector Calls By Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Baltimore

Those who are in debt may receive calls from debt collectors any time during the day and in many cases multiple times a day. The debt collectors are just looking to settle the debt owed, but the calls can certainly feel harassing if the person doesn’t have the money to repay the debts. Some people change their phone number to try to avoid these calls, but the debt collectors will get their new phone numbers. Others try to block the numbers from the debt collectors, but this often is unsuccessful as well.

Anyone who has experienced this has felt the fear of wondering if they’re going to have to deal with another debt collector when they answer the phone. They may have tried to figure out a way to repay their debts, but they may not have the money. Some will want to file for bankruptcy to get rid of their debts and start over with their finances. While this can help them repay their debts, it’s important they speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore before doing anything at all.

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is an important part of filing for bankruptcy. While it’s not strictly necessary, a lawyer can prove to be very beneficial. One of the first things they’re going to do is contact the debt collectors that have been calling their client and let them know a bankruptcy is underway. Once the bankruptcy process has started, the debt collectors can no longer call the person. All phone calls will need to go through the lawyer so they can be dealt with as part of the bankruptcy. If they do call the person, the first time it happens the person can refer them to their lawyer. After that, the company can get in trouble with the court system and may face fines or other sanctions.

Anyone who has been receiving phone calls from debt collectors multiple times a day may want to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore to find out what their options are. If they do decide to file for bankruptcy, the lawyer can ensure the debt collectors stop calling and help the person through the entire bankruptcy process.