The Importance of Hiring a Proficient Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia

Being charged with any criminal offense is a serious matter. Convicted person risks severe penalties, paying huge fines, having a criminal record, jail time and loss of future employment prospects. While some legal issues without a legal representative, it is essential to hire the services of an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia when arrested or charged with any criminal offense. A qualified criminal attorney can explain the rights of the defendant in all stages of the criminal process, and help make the difference between a jail sentence, dismissal, and a reduced plea bargain. Here are three reasons to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia.

Reduced Sentencing through Deals or Plea Bargains

An experienced criminal lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain or deal with the prosecutor. In most cases, these negotiations will not only reduce the sentence but may also eliminate some if not all the charges. If the defendant is guilty of the accusations, the criminal attorney can request for a rehabilitation program or lesser time served. When examining the case, a proficient criminal attorney can advise their client the best way forward to reduce their sentence. In some cases, pleading guilty can also result in having a shorter sentence.

Providing Emotional Assistance

Proficient criminal defense lawyers can help their clients deal with the emotions associated with criminal trials. The lawyer will explain the realities of the legal system and discuss what they may be up against during trial. Since a Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia has an in-depth knowledge of the criminal law, they can easily navigate through the system.

Obtaining Sufficient Evidence

A competent criminal lawyer can help their client procure the necessary evidence and witness statements to help them build their case. The lawyer can meet with clients to prepare them for the case.
Hiring an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia can help increase the chances of receiving the best outcome from the case. To hire the right criminal attorney, consider factors such as experience, education, availability, commitment and level of confidence. For more information about the services provided by experienced criminal defense lawyers, and how to hire their services, please go to