The Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer in Corona, CA Can Help You With an Unresolved Claim

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Lawyers

When an insurance company sells a policy committed to provide certain coverage, you expect they will provide this coverage. There are many instances in California where insurance companies deny a claim outright or become very slow in paying the claim. Underpayment is another tactic, and there are others that would delay payment in the belief the insured will abandon any hope of achieving the benefits they are entitled to.

One of the irritating bad faith practices is an insurance carrier replacing brand new parts with used parts without the owner’s permission. This could be a serious problem if the part is an engine or a transmission. Even a body part will look bad when it is a scrap yard part. Bad faith takes the form of the insurance carrier refusing to pay for repairs unless the vehicle is taken to an auto shop specified by the insurance company. Of course, if the car is totaled, the insurance company can really low ball the liquidation offer or drag the payment out.

Homeowners have a struggle when the insurance company wants a sign-off on the repairs to be done, but not all of the repairs are included or not included in the manner they should be. Often, shoddy workmanship is performed on homes damaged by fire. Homeowner policy claims are treated as if they do not exist. The delay in recognizing them and responding to them is unconscionable. This is where the insurance bad faith lawyer in Corona, CA can help.

Health insurers have denied claims for spurious reasons and left the insured to pay for the medical treatment. Often, the insured cannot pay thousands of dollars for medical treatment they believed to be covered.

The insurance bad faith lawyer in Corona, CA will take your case on and attempt to get your claim resolved through negotiations with the insurance company. This often brings successful results, but not in every case. The next step is to file a bad faith lawsuit against them.

Bad faith insurance companies are prevalent, but they are easy to detect. There are many online resources that identify bad faith companies. However, many policies are purchased from independent agents without the purchaser knowing the company name. The point is demand to know who the insurance carrier will be before signing an agreement with your agent.

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