The Law And Domestic Violence In Wake County, NC

Domestic violence is a nationwide problem and is against the law in North Carolina. Victims and Defendants involved in Domestic Violence will often find themselves in both civil and criminal court settings. A domestic violence lawyer in Wake County should be hired to ensure that the victim does not continue to suffer, or to represent the accused to protect them from incarceration and restore health to the family.

What is Domestic Violence in Wake County NC?

Domestic violence is defined under N.C. General Statutes Chapter 50B. It refers to a crime that occurs between two individuals involved in a personal relationship. These two individuals must be of opposite genders unless the relationship is between a child and parent or minor and grandparent. These two people must be or have formerly been cohabiting or in a dating relationship. A domestic violence lawyer in Wake County will be sure to help clarify whether the specifics of this classification will make you ineligible for protection or prosecution under the domestic violence laws.

*  Classifying Domestic Violence

*  Domestic abuse is often thought to be a physical matter. Indeed, under the law, it includes:

 *  Physical injury – actual or threatening to so with the intent to carry through

 *  Kidnapping

 *  Rape – either first or second degree

 *  Sexual offense – either first or second degree

*  Statutory rape of an individual who is 13 to 15 years of age inclusive

*  Sexual interference with a child

Several other sexual offenses

However, a domestic violence lawyer in Wake County recognizes that under North Carolina law, domestic violence may also consist of emotional and/or financial threats or violence. As a result, an individual may be charged with domestic violence if he or she:

 *  Causes emotional distress by the creation of an atmosphere of fear that causes the individual to fear for his or her life.

 *  Harasses the individual. Harassment does not need to consist of verbally yelling at an individual. It may also include other forms of communication such as letters, notes, faxes, e-mails and/or voicemail.

Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer

North Carolina, including Wake County, considers domestic violence to be a serious crime. It provides severe penalties for offenders. If you are in an abusive relationship involving domestic violence, immediately contact a domestic lawyer in Wake County such as those at the Scharff Law Firm. Let them help you remedy the situation before the violence spirals out of control.