The Types of Cases a Family Law Lawyer in Apple Valley Handles

by | Aug 3, 2012 | Lawyers

Whenever you need to go to court for something that relates to the family instead of relating to committing a crime, you will be dealing with family law. Because this area is so different from criminal law, it is important to make sure you choose a family law lawyer in Apple Valley who can help you with your case. These lawyers are specially trained to deal with the cases that are most often found in family law court.

Divorce and many of the cases that relate to it, including restraining orders in cases where violence is a real threat, are among the most common dealings of a family law court. Going through the process of divorce can be a trying time for everyone involved. Having the right lawyer can ensure property is divided properly and any child custody is decided in the best interest of the children and all parties involved.

Another common case for which you may need a family law lawyer in Apple Valley is for child support and alimony. While alimony isn’t as common as it once was, having a lawyer who understands how it works can help you get it if you truly deserve it. Getting the proper child support is also important so your children can maintain a level of comfort at least close to what they did before their parents divorced. Having a lawyer help you will ensure you get what is fair.

Any time you are dealing with transferring children from one home to another or from one situation to another, you will need to go through family law court. For instance, if you are adopting a child or you are exercising a step-parent adoption, you will need to go to court to finalize the process and legally change the parentage of the child in question. Assigning proper guardianship is also handled in family court, such as in cases where both parents pass away unexpectedly.

Knowing which types of cases are commonly seen in family law court can help you determine if you need the help of a family law lawyer in Apple Valley. Whether you are going through a divorce or you are working on adopting a child, you will need the help of a lawyer to navigate through the process. If child support and alimony has not yet been established, you may be able to handle it yourself, but if you hire a lawyer, you are more likely to get what is fair.

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