Three Differences Between Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Lawyers

If you received an injury at work, you’re probably wondering if you should hire a workers’ compensation or a personal injury lawyer. These are the differences between the two:

Workers Comp Cases Have No Fault

Personal injury lawyers have difficult cases because they have to establish fault with another party for their clients to win. Chicago workers compensation lawyers don’t have to establish fault. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to all injured workers on the job, even if they are partially at fault for the injury.

Workers Comp Lawyers Cover Denied Cases

Chicago workers compensation lawyers usually represent people who receive denials on their workers’ compensation claims. Claimants don’t necessarily have to hire such people to file an initial claim, although it isn’t a bad idea. Personal injury attorneys are usually hired right away by people who want to claim compensation for an injury that someone else caused. Neglect is usually what causes injuries in these cases, and an attorney must establish it to help his or her client win.

Some Attorneys Cover Both

Some attorneys cover personal injuries and workers’ compensation claims. It would be good to get ahold of such a provider because that individual could help you decide which claim you should file. In some cases, work injuries occur because of employer negligence. Those situations are sometimes eligible for personal injury or workers’ compensation. An attorney can help a claimant decide which route to take.

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