How Long Does It Take to Get Social Security Disability in Kansas City?

You may be wondering how long it will take you to get Social Security Kansas City disability if you’re suffering from a long-term illness. The truth is that the wait can vary from several months to several years. These factors can affect the length of the application process:

Whether or not You Have a Lawyer

A Social Security Kansas City attorney can make a huge difference in how fast your case is processed. First, the attorney can check to see if you qualify so that you don’t waste time on something that the SSA will decline. You have to have enough work credits, and you must meet the other qualifications to be eligible. An attorney can help you figure out whether you are.

How Severe Your Illness Is

It also depends on how severe your illness is. Certain conditions will make you eligible for expedited processing. For example, a terminal cancer condition could cause your application to process faster. Something less severe will take longer. You can talk to the attorney about your illness and whether it will be deemed severe enough for expedited processing.

If There Are Any Issues With the Paperwork

Your process will take longer if there are any issues with the paperwork you completed. That’s why it’s best to have a seasoned attorney by your side. The Social Security Kansas City attorney will ensure that all parts of the paperwork are completed correctly. He or she will also ensure that the paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion.

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