When Is The Right Time To Talk To A SSI Disability Attorney?

There are some attorneys who deal with SSI Disability Attorney in Illinois that suggest the initial application for benefits should be made independently and then call them when the application has been rejected while other attorneys believe that you are better off having legal representation from the beginning of the process. Most attorneys offer a free consultation and a great number of people take advantage of them as it is an opportunity for them to get some timely advice on how to best proceed. You may be one of the lucky ones, but only about 25 percent see their application approved on the original submission; if this does happen you will have saved several agonizing months of waiting for the administration to make a ruling on your appeal.

Attorney’s fees:

It really makes no difference from a financial point of view whether you wait until your initial application is rejected or you use an attorney right from the start because the legal fees are capped by law. Attorneys who deal with SSI Disability Attorney in Illinois are limited to charging 25 percent of the back pay from Social Security. For purposes of computation back pay is calculated from the date of the original application through the date of eventual approval. A Social Security attorney works on contingency and can only claim fees should your application eventually be approved. The fee is limited to 25 percent of the computed back pay but is also capped at a maximum of $6,000.

How can an attorney help?

People may not like statistics but there is one thing about them; they rarely lie. It is a known fact that the failure rate for first time applications for Social Security benefits is between 70 and 75 percent. It is also a fact that far more applications are approved on appeal when an attorney seasoned in SSI Disability Attorney in Illinois is involved. The laws that apply to Social Security are extremely complex and they change frequently, it is an area of law that a layperson would be hard pressed to understand and comprehend. The beauty of engaging an attorney is that they are intimate with the listings that you meet as well as those you don’t and they know what evidence you will need to present to SSA to justify and substantiate your claim for benefits.

Most applications end up being appealed, the attorney will prepare the appeal which contains what the attorney believes is sufficient information and facts to ensure that your claim for SSI Disability Attorney in Illinois is put forward in the best light, the attorney will prepare you for questions that you can expect to be asked and the attorney can bring in medical or vocational experts to support the claim. Browse the Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. website for more information.