Three Reasons Why It’s Best to Consult with a Bankruptcy Law Firm before You Begin the Process

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Lawyer

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a serious one. Many people spend a great deal of time mulling over the prospect of filing a petition before they actually make the leap. However, as you think about how you’ll get through the bankruptcy process, it’s also a good idea to consider hiring legal counsel to help you ensure that things are done right and that you are indeed making the right decisions for your personal finances. If you’ve been told that you don’t need to consult a lawyer before submitting your bankruptcy petition, here are several reasons why you may not want to simply go it alone:

Choosing Your Path

As you may know, there are several types of bankruptcy petitions. However, not every type of petition is right for everyone’s situation. Furthermore, your income level may disqualify you from filing a certain type of petition. Consulting with a Bankruptcy Law Firm helps you ensure that you are choosing the bankruptcy path that will get you to your intended goal of financial freedom instead of wasting time with the wrong type of petition.

Avoiding Mistakes

Although the federal government has made it possible for you to file for bankruptcy on your own, the process is actually far from simple. Unfortunately, even small paperwork mistakes or minor misunderstandings can hurt your case review and lead to a denial. Working with an experienced attorney helps you avoid this, as they’ll have the necessary knowledge to make sure that everything is submitted on time and is presented accurately.

Getting Informed

You may not yet be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is life after bankruptcy. Once your debts have been discharged, you’ll still have to figure out how to get back on track with your finances. A good bankruptcy lawyer has likely helped many clients through the process, and you’ll be able to take advantage of their expertise on how to rebuild your credit and lower you chances of experiencing future financial hardship.

It can be difficult to admit that you’ve become overwhelmed with debt, but it’s important to realize that financial hardship doesn’t mean that you’re ruined. If you’re unsure about how you’ll pay back all of the debt you’ve accrued, get in touch with a Bankruptcy Law Firm to find out how you can get relief from the burden of debt and begin living a better life today. Click here for more information.



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