Tips for Hiring a Bail Bond Reno OK Professional

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Law

You or someone you know has been arrested and if you haven’t been down this long, dark road before, chances are pretty good that you aren’t quite sure how to get them out. That is where the Bail Bond in El Reno OK come into play. If there is no way that you can pay cash to bail them out, then a bails bondsman is your only other choice. Below are some tips on how to get the best Bail Bond in El Reno OK professional to spring you, or your friend from the slammer.

The first thing you want to do is look in the Yellow Pages under Bail Bond professionals and choose a bails bondsman. You will want to mark the one that you called so that you remember which one it was, as there are probably many of them.

Usually the fee for a bails bondsman is 10 percent of the bail. You need to call and ask that particular one what fees he charges. Many have a fee minimum that they charge regardless of what the bond is; usually in the ball park of around $100.

Now that you have decided on a bondsman you need to arrange to have them meet you at the jail. Make sure that you tell them how long it will take you to get there, if you aren’t already there, and who they are getting out of jail.

You will need to provide three references, social security numbers and a few other things for yourself and the person you are getting out of jail. You also need to pay in cash the 10 percent down that the Bail Bond in El Reno OK asks for.

You do need to know that if the person you are getting out of jail fails to appear for court, the bails bondsman that you use will hold you responsible for the money that is remaining on the persons bond. Failure to pay that money can land you in court, or even in jail yourself, so be careful who you bond out, and know that you can trust them before you sign the paperwork.

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