Tips for Hiring a Tax Attorney

by | May 29, 2014 | Attorney

As a tax payer, you have the right to represent yourself in any situation that has to do with the IRS; however, there are many people that find this process to be intimidating, time consuming and extremely frustrating. In these situations, hiring a Tax Lawyer in Atlanta to resolve any problems may be the best course of action. Prior to hiring an attorney, use these tips for finding the ideal candidate for your particular situation.

Understand the Cost of Self-Representation

There are a number of advantages offered by hiring a lawyer for tax issues, but the biggest one is knowing that you are not taking any unnecessary risks with your financial and personal freedom. The act of representing yourself in front of the IRS is comparable to representing yourself in a murder trial; you will likely get creamed. Even if you are unable to pay the amount of money that you owe the IRS, hiring an attorney will give you a much better chance of reaching a resolution for the situation.

Understand the Fees of Proper Representation

Hiring a tax attorney will be accompanied by a number of fees. This can make it a difficult decision for anyone that already owes the IRS a large amount of money. Keep in mind that IRS problems can be personally and financially crippling, which is why you should hire an attorney to help resolve them permanently and swiftly.

Understand Options for Tax Settlement

When you hire an attorney for your tax issues, they will help you to understand the process of tax resolution and the options that you have available. Additionally, they can give you realistic expectations for your situation. Each situation is different, which is why you need an attorney representing your case that is familiar with tax law and dealing with the IRS.

It is important to understand that you should find an attorney that offers customized attention and solutions for each tax case. If you choose a large, cookie-cutter-solution that is offered to everyone, chances are you will not reach a successful outcome with the IRS. The attorney that you hire will also be able to leverage their knowledge to provide you with a solution that is more likely to fit your needs, rather than the needs of the IRS.

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