Trust Disputes Require the Services of a Trust Attorney

by | May 29, 2014 | Legal Services

Deciding whether you need a trust attorney for a trust dispute is important concerning the outcome of a trust dispute. Disputes tend to be quite serious over trust matters, and can often include a multitude of people. The likelihood of disputes is common during many different stages of a trust endeavor. This includes the creation, implementation and even distributions of a trust. Trusts should be customary in the United States. In order to make sure your rights are being upheld in Georgia, you should contact a trust attorney in Atlanta. This is especially important if you suspect a trust dispute. When you hire a skilled and experienced trust lawyer, you are assured the appropriate legal advice to help remedy the situation.

What Exactly Is a Trust?

A trust is known as a legal instrument which authorizes a person to legally hold property for another person’s benefit. The settlor is the person who creates the trust. The person or people in charge of the property are the trustees. Those who are recipients of property are the beneficiaries. In essence this means that the settlor transfers property interests to trustees, who in turn distribute them among beneficiaries. In some cases the sole beneficiary is the settlor, making in unnecessary to appoint any trustees. Understanding the process of creating a trust and setting it up requires legal assistance from a trust attorney. They are able to offer legal advice to aid clients when it comes to creating a trust that protects all parties involved.

Different Types of Trust that Require Legal Representation

* Living Trusts
* Spendthrift Trusts
* Charitable Trusts
* Testamentary Trusts

Trust Disputes Are Frequent

Since there are many different people involved with a trust, disputes tend to be frequent. It does not matter what type of trust dispute occurs, it is imperative to have legal representation to help deal with disputes in a legal manner. Trust attorneys with years of experience handling trust arguments are more than capable of representing clients and providing them with legal advice for disagreements involving fraud, settlor capacity, undue influence and trustee mismanagement. You need a trust attorney that is ready to go the extra mile and represents you with a bold, aggressive and smart manner with respect regarding your time and finances.

The Libby Law Firm is a trusted law firm located in Georgia, which specializes in all aspects of estates. When you need a trust attorney in Atlanta, you can be assured that the professional attorneys at the Libby Law Firm are capable of giving authentic and experienced legal advice.

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