Tips for Those Considering Bankruptcy in Fairfield OH

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Attorney

Facing financial issues can be a difficult situation for most people. Regardless of the reasons for their issues, most people want to do what is right by the people they owe money to. However, when difficulties arise they may find they need help in resolving their financial problems and they may think Bankruptcy in Fairfield OH is their best option.

Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy may not fully understand what bankruptcy is or how it works. This can make it very difficult for them to determine if such a filling would be a good choice in their particular situation. One of the best things a person in this situation should consider doing is meeting with a lawyer like, Dean Snyder, Attorney At Law for help in assessing their situation.

Most times a lawyer who handles Bankruptcy in Fairfield OH will offer a free consultation with a prospective client so they can assess the person’s case. This can be a great advantage for a person who may not really understand bankruptcy or if it would be their best option to resolve their financial issues.

During such a meeting, the lawyer will generally review the prospective client’s information to determine what their best course of action would be. If bankruptcy is a good choice, the lawyer will explain the process to the prospective client and how it can be beneficial and the negative issues it can create as well.

If the person decides to proceed with the bankruptcy, the lawyer will generally discuss the different types of bankruptcy available and their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the client will have little choice due to their financial situation on whether they file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy generally means the person will lose their assets to cover their debts. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will often enable a person to keep some assets and allow them to develop a payment plan to pay off the debts they still owe. The lawyer will go over the options with the client and advise them on which course of action will be best for their situation.

The lawyer will generally handle the filing of any forms or paperwork required by the court for the bankruptcy. This will help in ensuring the matter is handled properly and efficiently. This can be a great benefit to anyone dealing with this situation.

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