What a Divorce Lawyer in Bethlehem Can Help You With

Going through a divorce, particularly if you are the spouse who did not initiate the divorce, is stressful enough without having someone to advise you throughout the experience. Even if you are not the spouse who filed for divorce, it’s a good idea to at least sit down for a free consultation with a divorce Lawyer in Bethlehem. There is no obligation to hire that attorney, but it gives you a chance to hear the attorney’s opinion about your case and to hear what he or she can do when representing you.

In a divorce, there will be matters of alimony, spousal support, child support, maybe child custody to deal with, as well as the matter of dividing up property, assets, taxes, and debts. You may be overwhelmed and not even know what matters should be attended to or what questions you should be asking. That is where having a divorce Lawyer Bethlehem can make all the difference in making sure that your interests are looked out for and there is a fair resolution to the case.

When you have representation from an attorney, you have a voice in the legal system and a voice personally for communicating with the other party. The two people involved will be feeling stress and strain and may be easily ruled by their emotions. It may be best in some situations to not communicate at all except through your attorney. That way, communication is kept civil, and respectful communication done between the two attorneys may make all the difference in getting the quickest outcome that is fair to both parties.

Your attorney will advise you to not send any heated emails or text messages to your spouse. Do not make late-night visits or unexpected visits, and do not get into yelling matches over the phone or leave angry voice mails. It’s perfectly understandable to be angry, but engaging with your spouse in anger is only going to make things worse. In that case, leave the communications and negotiations between the two attorneys. At this point, it’s best to have the people without a personal stake involved to negotiate for you and to communicate back to you so you know what is going on.