What an Employment Lawyer in Lafayette LA Can Help With

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Attorneys

An Employment Lawyer in Lafayette LA does a number of things for their clients. The best time to call an employment attorney is when any type of violation or problem is interfering with a person’s ability to do their job. This may be as severe as being terminated without cause, but it may also be something less severe. For example, it might mean that a person is being treated in such a way that they feel discriminated against while they are trying to do their job. There are a variety of ways that employment law can be violated, and if there is any question about whether a certain action is legal the question should be taken directly to an attorney for clarification.

Illegal or improper termination is perhaps the best known reason to contact an Employment Lawyer in Lafayette LA. While many states are known as “at will” states where people can be fired at any time and for any reason, there is more to the story than that in most cases. Even though a state may follow the at will law, each individual company sets their own standards and guidelines regarding behavior of their employees. Many companies have a very specific set of rules regarding employee termination within their organization. For example, the employee may need to have three separate violations during a one year period to be eligible for termination consideration. If an employee was terminated without following the rules that the company sets forth for itself, an employment attorney may be able to make a strong case.

In addition to the rules of the specific employer, another important thing for an employment attorney to know is the employee’s side of the story. In many cases, the employee will be asked to make a comprehensive statement. Any and all paperwork related to an employee’s termination or punishment at their place of employment must be well documented if at all possible. The attorney will need this paperwork as evidence when they are trying to prove that the employer acted improperly or that they acted against their own established rules and guidelines.

If you are being treated improperly, discriminated against, were fired without cause, or have any other type of employment law case, consider calling chrisrichardattorney.com today!

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