What to Consider When Working With Bondsman in Pontiac

When a person is arrested, it only makes sense that they and their loved ones will do almost anything to get them out of jail. However, people often make serious mistakes when working with a bonding agency, and some of these errors have severe consequences. Below are several things to consider when working with a bail Bondsman in Pontiac.

The Bondsman’s Fees

If a family member visits a bail Bonding Company in Pontiac, they will usually have to pay a 10% fee to get their relative out of jail. For example, if bail is set at $10,000, they must pay a bondsman’s fee of $1000. Fees are one of the biggest considerations for many families, and in some cases, they prevent them from posting bail at all.

Attorney’s Bonds

When clients consult and retain criminal defense attorneys before talking to bondsmen, they’re entitled to attorney referred bonds. Here, the bond fee is lowered slightly. Attorney referred bonds can help families save money at a stressful time and they expedite the handling of the case.

Lowering the Bail Amount

In some instances, it’s better to wait to post bail until after the arraignment or first hearing. This is because an attorney may be able to convince a judge to reduce the bail amount. If the person is released on their own recognizance, there’s no need for a bail fee at all.

Reducing Bail Before Arraignment

In some areas, a skilled lawyer may be able to contact the detention center’s release officer and ask for a reduction in bail. Detention release officers are always on duty, and this simple step will help families save a substantial amount of money as far as bond fees are concerned.

Statutory Limitations

In some instances, charges aren’t filed within the maximum statutory period. When this occurs, the defendant must be released immediately and it’s not necessary to post bail.

Tread Carefully and Work With a Good Bondsman

For the reasons above, families should think carefully before calling a Bondsman in Pontiac. With a little forethought, it’s easier to avoid spending too much on bondsman’s fees. Visit the website for more details or call EZ1 Bail Bonds today.