What You Can Expect From Bonds in Wichita, KS

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Bail Bonds

Have you ever been to jail before? It’s a weird question to ask, but many people have unfortunately been behind bars. Those who have will agree that being in jail is a terrible experience. Those who’ve been to jail will also tell you how important it is to have a reliable service for Bonds in Wichita, KS. Bail bondsmen have the experience needed to help those looking to pay to get out of jail. This process can go very quickly if you have the right bondsmen on your side. Here are a few tips you should remember in case you ever have the unfortunate experience of going to jail.

What are the charges you’re facing? This will likely be one of the biggest questions that need to be answered. The amount of your bail will depend on the alleged crime you committed. For instance, a person who was arrested for driving drunk might be granted a lower bail than the person who allegedly murdered or assaulted someone. The judge will take a look at the current charge and any previous offenses to determine what your bond will be set to.

Bonds in Wichita, KS are there to cover the majority of the bond that’s been set. Bonds can be very high. If you have to offenses, a judge might charge $100 dollars for each offense. However, depending on the severity, a handful of charges could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, you will only be required to pay a fraction of this amount. Bonds services are there to cover the rest.

When you hire a bail bonds service, you’ll be required to provide collateral. Collateral usually comes in the form of a house or car. Based on the agreement, the alleged offender is required to meet all future court dates until the charges have been settled. If the offender misses a court appearance, the courts will issue a warrant for their arrest, and the agreement of the bond will default. At this point the bail bonds service has a right to repossess any collateral given by the offender. However, in some cases, bondsmen may be able to negotiate with the courts to have the bond reestablished.

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