Why Contact a Birth Injury Law Attorney in Dayton, Ohio

Birth injuries occur in the United States at a rate of about three incidents per hour. The injuries affect about 7 of every 1,000 babies born and can include broken bones, nerve damage, and brain damage, among other injuries. The risk is highest for women that undergo tool-assisted births in private non-profit hospitals, but injuries can happen during any delivery. Experts believe that as much as 50 percent of these injuries occur because of a failure from the obstetrician to prepare properly for a complicated birth.

Common Injury Causes

A birth injury law attorney in Dayton, OH can help families that experienced an injury during delivery because of malpractice. A doctor may fail to notice a breech birth until it is too late. The doctor may mistakenly estimate the length of time left before delivery and leave the room or the hospital so only nurses remain on hand for the birth. Other concerns include medication problems, mistakes due to incompetence or exhaustion, or the failure of the medical staff to monitor the condition of the baby adequately. Problems can also result from inadequate prenatal care by the doctor. Untreated medical conditions like preeclampsia, or the identification of infections like herpes could be to blame.

Typical Family Expenses

The average injury can become a lifelong expense for the family. Even minor medical concerns can cause families to amass enormous amounts of medical bills. Renovations to a home to make it accessible, the purchase of medical equipment, and lost wages are just some of the types of expenses to expect.

Important Lawsuit Reminders

A birth injury law attorney in Dayton, OH can only help parents before the statute of limitations of the case runs out. In Ohio, parents have one year and 180 days to file. The injured child may also file on their own within one year after they turn 18 if their parents did not previously file a lawsuit. Ohio does not receive cap compensation awards for these injuries.

The emotional toll often becomes overwhelming for the parents of injured babies, but families cannot allow the pain to stop them from seeking justice. The safety of others relies on people drawing attention to irresponsible medical providers. The quality of care for the infant could also rely on the compensation a lawsuit provides. Visit us to learn more about birth injuries and the rights of the families involved.