Why Some Criminal Defendants Use Bail Bonds in Upper Marlboro, MD Even When They Can Pay Bail

Some criminal defendants decide to pay for bail bonds in Upper Marlboro, MD instead of paying cash bail to the court even when they could afford bail. Although cash bail is refunded when the case ends as long as the defendant has appeared in court as required, this person is willing to pay the nonrefundable service fee for the bond. Savings in a money market account, certificate of deposit or stock investment fund might be used to pay a private lawyer with an excellent track record.

No Tying Up Money

Bail may be set on an automatic schedule by the jurisdiction, but the more serious charges usually must have bail set by a judge. Either way, bail is often set at an amount that would wipe out the savings of a middle-class individual or family. They would get that money back eventually, but it could be tied up for many months in the meantime. Contacting an agency providing bail bonds in Upper Marlboro, MD feels like a more reasonable option.

No Need to Borrow From Family

In some cases, the defendant does not have this much money in savings but could theoretically borrow it from a close family member. That might be the person’s parents or a sibling. This can be an uncomfortable proposition, however. The person worries about how to pay back the loan, especially with the risk of being incarcerated and losing his or her job.

No Waiting for a Check

Another reason defendants apply for help from an organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc is because gathering the money for bail would take time. They might need to cash in a life insurance policy, for instance. This typically requires waiting for the company to process the request and for a check to arrive in the mail. The same is true if they want to withdraw money from an investment account. A bail bond can be acquired very quickly.

Paying the Fee With Credit

The bail bond fee usually does not have to be paid in cash, either, allowing the defendant to avoid touching any savings for the moment. A credit card might be used instead, for instance.