All You Need to Know about NJ Drug Laws

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Legal Services

It is important that you arm yourself with information about NJ drug laws so that you can know your rights in case of an arrest. Having a drug possession charge could go into your record which could be damaging to your future career prospects among other things. You could also get jailed or pay heavy fines. This is why it is important to know what the laws of the state say about drugs.

Because of the many types of drugs that are available today as well as their effects, you will find that the NJ drug laws are quite complex. The laws stem from the 1987 Comprehensive Drug Reform Act. There are many provisions in the New Jersey Criminal Code that are specifically designed to deal with various controlled dangerous substances. They range from the serious cocaine trafficking to simply being found in possession of marijuana.

In order to go through this maze of laws, it is best that you hire a professional who has experience in the same. A lawyer who is familiar with the drug laws is best placed to handle any charges that might be brought up against you for drug possession or trafficking. The lawyer can be able to explain the charges to you as well as the possible penalties you might face if convicted. He is also able to advice on the best defense for you.

The laws prescribe stiffer penalties for those who distribute the drugs as compared to those who are found in possession of the drugs. It is possible that if you are found in possession of some drugs, the prosecution can seek to have charges of intent to distribute added to the possession charge so that you get higher penalties. This is why you need to have a lawyer competent in drug laws who can be able to successfully challenge the prosecution. Some of the issues he/she can dispute include the accuracy of the evidence presented by the prosecution and the way the search or seizure was conducted among other things. He can be able to get the case dismissed on technicalities.

You will notice that in New Jersey you can be arrested if you are found to be under the influence of drugs. This can happen whether you are driving or not. You do not have to have the drugs on you as the police have a right to assume that you have lost, consumed or destroyed them.
Other stipulations of these drug laws govern the distribution of drugs to minors or pregnant women as well as using minors to distribute the drugs. These carry as much as double fines and prison terms as are normally imposed when dealing with adults.




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