Call a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Collins After Tripping in a Business

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

When people browse in a gift shop or eat a meal in a restaurant, they have a right to assume they are in a safe environment. The law holds business owners to a high standard because they have invited the public onto their property. If a woman trips over a frayed carpet in either establishment and gets a concussion, she should call a Slip And Fall Lawyer in Fort Collins. She was injured because of the owner’s negligence and is entitled to damages. The business owners should have known about the carpet and had it fixed. If it was a new problem, a warning sign should have been placed in the area.

The woman may think she can work things out with the business owner. She should instead call an attorney at Burton and Burton. As soon as there is an accident, the owner will contact her insurance company. The insurer will do everything to protect the owner and minimize any claim for damages. This includes visiting the woman in the hospital and making a settlement offer. It might look like a lot of money, but any immediate offer will be for a fraction of what could be demanded. Traumatic head injuries can take time to fully manifest. The woman and her doctors may think she’s okay, only to learn a month later she suffered a massive injury.

A Slip And Fall Lawyer in Fort Collins will protect the woman’s rights. If she signs a settlement in the hospital, she would also be agreeing never to ask for more damages. The lawyer will meet with the doctors and determine how much money it will take to treat the woman. If the injury is considered permanent, the money will have to be sufficient to cover her related medical bills for her remaining life. The lawyer will also ask for damages to replace any lost income. Depending upon the nature of the injury, damages for pain and suffering and emotional trauma can also be sought. If the woman loses a portion of her memory and no longer remember family members, this would certainly cause emotional stress.

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