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Tax time is stressful. Many individuals would rather avoid the whole thing. Yet, you cannot purposefully avoid paying your taxes. The same applies to small businesses, companies and multi-national corporations. Taxes must be paid. This is why people hire accountants to handle the paperwork – failure to file can easily become a federal or state offense. If something goes wrong and you face criminal charges, you will need a tax evasion lawyer. In Orlando, attorneys will inform you this is absolutely essential in such a case.

What Is Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion is not simple avoidance. It is not being forgetful. It is a criminal act under both federal and state legislation. Statutes specifically govern and forbid tax evasion. Tax evasion is deliberate avoidance by an individual, organization, association or company. The key word is deliberate.

Potential penalties for Tax Avoidance in Orlando, Florida

The penalties for tax evasion vary in accordance with eh proven severity of the criminal offense. Make no mistake about it. Tax evasion is a felony. Failure to file taxes is a misdemeanor.

To Evade Taxes:

*   Is a felony.
*   Possible prison time up to 5 years
*   Fines – Up to $100,000

Failure to File Return:

*   Fine up to $25,000
  Up to 1 Year in Jail

Why Hire a Tax Evasion Lawyer?

The criminal charges and hefty fines as well as other penalties are some of the reasons why you need to hire a tax evasion lawyer. It is also extremely important you do so because of the burden of proof exercise in this case. It is required by law that the government must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the tax evasion occurred deliberately. The government must provide clear proof of that the crime resulted deliberately and not as a result of:

*   Passive neglect
  Fear or apprehension

A tax evasion lawyer in Orlando should be more than capable of insisting the government provide irrefutable proof on three key elements:

*   That a tax deficiency actually exists
  That the action was willfully committed with the intent to evade tax payments
*   That the act was assenting and, therefore, conforms to the definition of an actual or attempted tax evasion act

If you live in Florida, it is only by hiring a tax evasion lawyer in Orlando that you have a chance of escaping the severe legtax evasion lawyeral consequences. It is imperative that you call in a lawyer as soon as you are charged with the crime. In this way, he or she can work effectively at ensuring your rights are protected effectively.

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