Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Legal Services

Do you need a personal injury lawyer? It’s not always a straightforward question, people do have to worry about whether it’s worth the time and effort of contracting a personal injury lawyer, and the process of evidence and the trial. However, if something happened where they were unjustly injured, or need redress for harm done to them, even if it’s simply to undo the financial burden hiring a personal injury lawyer is the perfect course of action. The good news is that even if you have a pessimistic view of lawyers (and many people do) there are plenty of good, honest, and hardworking lawyers across America; even in smaller cities like Mason, OH it’s possible to find someone who’ll be forthright and honest about your case and its chances.

In general, it’s only worth getting a personal injury lawyer if the injury was substantial, and the person who committed it has the resources or insurance to pay damages. Insurance is the great equalizer here as it helps you get redress even if the person who injured you wasn’t flush with cash. Personal injury lawyers can work on a fee system where you pay by the hour, or on contingency, depending on the case, and the amount of time it will go either system might be beneficial one for you. Some lawyers decide on a case by case basis whether to go by hourly pay or contingency pay. If the injury was real, and the damage substantial at least financially the only issue remaining is the guilt of the defendant.

Keep in mind that personal injury law is much easier on the attacking side than criminal. In personal injury there is no role for mens rea or “guilty mind” you don’t have to establish any sort of intent or knowledge of the action. If you think of some of the classic personal injury cases there was no intent, it was a pure accident caused by inattentiveness. A personal injury lawyer only has to prove that the person who slammed into your car on the streets of Mason, OH did so, not that they in anyway were conscious of the act, or of their own potential wrongdoings in doing so. This means that more cases can be brought to personal injury lawyers, the best advice though is to look for the ones that seem reputable and have resources, see if you can’t get an opportunity to talk to them about your case (if it’s not a slam dunk) and see what they think in terms of its worth for bringing to trial.

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