Getting Social Security Planning in Columbus, Ohio

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Law

When social security planning is attempted to be tackled without the assistance of a professional, it can be extremely overwhelming for the individual. There are many rules and regulations that are applied in the world of social security, and truthfully, there is not a clear cut answer for every person. Each case is different, however, there are a couple rules that will apply to each individual. In order to get a proper understanding of where a person stands with their social security benefits, it is recommended to begin social security planning with an attorney who practices within this area, such as AlerStallings.

Social Security Planning in Columbus, Ohio is offered to individuals through the assistance of a person whose passion is helping others achieve all of their future goals. Each case will be looked at individually, along with that person’s other financial plan, in an effort to coordinate the two and come up with an effective social security plan. There are several different factors that will be closely looked at when creating a social security plan, some of which include:

  • Will social security be available for the individual?
  • How much can a person expect to receive?
  • How can an individual maximize their benefits?
  • When is the right time to apply for social security?
  • Is spousal benefits available, and if so, how does that affect the person’s case?

During the social security planning process a person can expect to accomplish a large amount of tasks, including receiving an estimation for benefits and PIA, successfully coordinating the benefits with the individual’s spouse, and most importantly, minimizing taxes on the person’s social security benefits. Although there are a lot of different factors to consider, the process for customers to receive their personalized social security planning is quite simple. All they will need to do is provide their personal information and then the rest will be handled for them. Planning for social security no longer has to be a complicated, daunting task. It can now be a process that can give someone the relief the deserve and the freedom to continue on with their life’s goals!

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