Injured by a Distracted Driver? An Auto Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ can Help

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Law

Many cities and states have outlawed cell phone use while driving, and violations typically result in stiff fines. Not only is it illegal, but using the phone while driving can leave you vulnerable to a civil suit if you’re involved in an accident. Below, you’ll learn about the latest developments concerning car accidents and mobile phone use.

Cell Phone Users and Accident Responsibility

When a car accident occurs and one driver sues the other, the plaintiff and their Auto Accident Lawyer must prove that the defendant caused the accident. Recent cases have proven that those using phones during or before the collision have caused accidents. In other court cases, plaintiffs have also been found partially to blame because of cell phone use. Phone-related careless driving examples include:

* Driving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on the phone

* Looking at the phone instead of the road

* Not paying attention to the road because of your or a passenger’s cell phone usage

* Being involved in any phone conversation (especially an emotional one)

* Business-Related Cell Phone Use

Employers can be held liable for accidents caused by employees if that person was on a work call during the accident. In these cases, injured parties usually sue the employer, rather than the employee, because the chances of a monetary recovery are greater. For this reason, many employers are now prohibiting workers from taking or making work calls while on the road.

Parental Responsibility for Teens’ Cell Phone Usage

A recent court case’s plaintiff argued that parents should be made liable for accidents caused by a teen driver on a cell phone. In this particular case, the parents gave the child the phone, which was then used while the teen was driving. The law isn’t clear on the issue, but parents should be careful to discourage on-the-road cell phone use.

Insurers and Phones

Auto insurance companies are closely monitoring the connection between phone usage and auto accidents, and many warn of the hazards of distracted driving. If you’re using a phone and cause an accident, or you receive a citation, you’ll likely see a significant increase in your monthly premium. The easiest way to avoid the increase is to avoid distractions–and accidents–by not using your phone while driving. Read more

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