Medical Malpractice And The Personal Injury Attorney In Harpers Ferry WV

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Legal Services

What most people do not know is the fact that medical mistakes are a lot more common than anyone believes. If you talk to a really good personal injury attorney in Harpers Ferry WV, you will be told that such mistakes actually happen daily. The good news is that nothing bad happens to the patient in most cases. Unfortunately, that is not the case every single time. It is really important to understand medical malpractice and to know what can be done in the event that something as unwanted as this happens.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

When we talk about medical malpractice, we refer to any mistake that was done during a medical procedure. This ranges from taking blood to complex heart surgery. On TV we only see the really big malpractice cases because these are the ones that are of interest to the media. Most people do not get to hear about anything wrong that happens and the bad part is that only few people know that even doctors can be held accountable for the mistakes that were made. Common examples of malpractice include:

*Incorrect treatment or diagnosis

*Mistakes done during baby delivery

*Improper anesthesia administration

*Prescription of improper drugs

*Not using implants or surgical devices properly

*Errors that appeared during outpatient procedure or operations

*Not obtaining patient informed consent signature

How Are You Protected?

People are usually afraid to go after doctors that made mistakes. They know that it was their fault but they think that nothing can be done in order to basically make things right. That is false. A personal injury attorney in Harpers Ferry WV is not intimidated by the large hospital that backs-up a doctor because he knows that the law is on the side of the person that was injured. Whenever an injury of any type was caused by a mistake, the law allows you to receive compensation. The same thing is reality when referring to wrongful death.

To put it really simple, you will go after the medical personnel that is responsible for your problems or actually after the hospital. What you might not have known is the fact that West Virginia law considers the healthcare institution responsible for absolutely every medical procedure that is handled there. This basically means that if a nurse or a doctor did something that caused personal injury or the wrongful death of a family member, you can sue the hospital.

Most Trials Are Won By Lawyers

This is probably the most important thing that you need to remember. Most of the trials that see a personal injury attorney in Harpers Ferry WV represent a client in a medical malpractice case end up in compensations offered. Some trials are complicated and they need reliable witness testimony but most of them are actually really common sense as anyone can see the problem that existed. You can win if you talk to an attorney that has a lot of experience in such cases but you do have to hurry as this increases your chance of getting everything solved much faster.

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