Protecting Yourself after a Car Accident in Troy OH

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Since car accidents are unexpected, most people act instinctively and are in a state of shock following the impact. This is natural, of course, but can lead to some problems later on. If you find yourself in a car accident in Troy OH, take a deep breath, assess the situation and follow these four steps:

How to Protect Yourself from Car Accidents

1. Take pictures. The availability of cell phone cameras makes this step even easier, but it is easy to forget to do it in the moment. Take several shots of your car, any other cars involved in the accident and surrounding circumstances, like the intersection or the weather. Take more pictures than you think you need because small details may make a difference when filing insurance claims for a car accident in Troy OH.

2. Exchange insurance information. It is wise to keep a small notepad and pen in your glove compartment for this precise reason. Have your insurance card near the notepad, along with your car registration. If possible, hold on to the insurance cards of the other parties as you jot down the numbers – do not simply let them rattle the information off to you. As soon as you are safely away from the scene of the accident, call your insurance company and file a claim. Do not put it off until later; be proactive in your insurance documentation.

3. Obtain a police report. Even if it is just a fender bender, file an official police report to protect yourself. This step may prove vital in the outcome of a court case related to the accident and may also speed up your insurance compensation. It is also good to have another witness present at the site of the car accident in Troy OH so that the truth is preserved.

4. Get checked out. Depending on the severity of your accident, you may want to have a physical examination. Many times injuries like whiplash are not fully apparent until several days after the accident but a medical professional will be able to spot it right away. Even minor cuts and scrapes are reason to have an expert give you the “all clear” following a car accident.

Remember that the things you do in the first few minutes following a car accident can make a big difference later on. Simple steps like these can keep a bad situation from getting even worse. Keep a cool head and put yourself first when it comes to actions following car accidents.

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