What Is Workers Compensation, How Do You Get It in Lockport

Workers compensation is a form of insurance. It provides anyone injured on the job to specific cash benefits and medical care when necessary. The injury must be directly related to the claimant’s job.

Lockport employers pay for the insurance. Employees do not have to contribute to the cost of compensation. Cash benefits are paid weekly, and all medical expenses are paid for by the employer’s workers comp insurer. Benefits are directed by the state Workers Compensation Board. If there is a dispute, the claimant can request intervention by the Board. In many cases, the claimant will be represented by a knowledgeable workers comp lawyer in Lockport.


Neither the employee nor the employer is considered to be at fault in workers compensation cases. The benefits the injured employee receives is not decreased, even if the injury may have been caused by carelessness. Conversely, the benefits are not increased if the incident that caused the injury was caused by the employer. There are, however, reasons why workers comp will not be paid at all. If the injury is due to the employee’s consumption of drugs or alcohol or the injury is due to intent, the workers lose his or her right to benefits.


Claims are paid when the employee’s employer and the employer’s insurer agree that the injury or illness is work-related. If there is a dispute, which results in no benefits being paid, the employee has the right to engage a skilled workers compensation lawyer to argue the case in the presence of workers comp law judge. Based on the information submitted, the judge decides which party is right.

If the employee can return to work but in a lesser capacity, at lesser income, he or she may be eligible for workers compensation benefits equal to two-thirds of the wage difference.

Workers compensation law is very complex and often requires the intervention of a skilled attorney. If you are involved in a dispute in Lockport, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. Injury Attorneys in Joliet. For more information, visit http://www.blocklaw.com.

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